Two program participants from 2018/19 are keeping a journal, linked here, of learning and adventure.


  1. To provide the opportunity for teacher renewal - both professional and personal - via a one-year exchange to a partner school in the Teacher Renewal Program Group of Schools.

  2. To retain high quality teachers upon their return to sending school, and

  3. To promote a highly engaging opportunity for professional growth by experiencing a different school environment and host-country culture.

Participating Schools, 2019/2020

Avenues: The World School, New York
Singapore American School
Nueva School, San Francisco
International School of Zug and Luzern
Graded The American School of Sao Paulo
The International Community School of Addis Ababa
Cary Academy, North Carolina
Cairo American College
American School of Dubai
American International School Chennai
American Embassy School, New Delhi
American Community School, Amman Jordan
American School of Bombay

Participating School Agreements

To ensure the successful implementation of the TRP, participating schools will sign an annual written agreement indicating that the participating schools agree to:

  • Ensure that all candidates approved for inclusion in the TRP pool have been vetted and approved through an internal vetting and approval process, following a general application process

  • Reserve the right to reject an internal candidate’s application or rescind a previously approved application for inclusion in the TRP for programmatic, budgetary, legal and/or recruitment reason or any other unforeseen extenuating circumstance

  • Approve teacher’s participation in the TRP on condition that they possess usual and customary minimum qualifications for employment including:

    • BA degree (or equivalent)

    • Certification or equivalent qualification

    • Not less than three years of full-time teaching experience at current school

    • Highly sought for retention at current school

  • Maintain at least one active faculty member participant every two years in the TRP pool in order to be eligible to seek candidates for placement in any given year

  • Approve current faculty members for the TRP only once during a seven year period of tenure at school

  • Acknowledge and accept each participating school’s right to set an internal cap on the total number of annual participants in the TRP

  • Adhere to all deadlines as approved by the pool of participating schools on an annual basis

  • Participate in a group Grievance Committee that serves to make determinations regarding grievances filed by participating candidates or schools and agree to accept the committee’s recommendations as final

  • Give all teachers within the approved TRP pool of candidates equal consideration for placement (singles, couples or families)

  • A contractual term with a TRP candidate not to exceed one academic year

  • Ensure that the formal offer to a TRP candidates is made only after children, where applicable, have been vetted through established admissions process

  • Sign a three party contract with the sending school and the candidate to ensure clarity around terms and conditions of the placement

  • Provide TRP participants with salary and benefits (as per the receiving school’s established overseas hire packages), in addition to modest relocation costs not to exceed $2000 for the teacher and $750 per dependent child

  • Sign a non-compete contract with all other participating schools, agreeing to refrain from seeking to hire TRP participants for a period not less than two years after the completion of term of the TRP contract

  • Provide participants with work permits and/or necessary documents to allow the candidate and his/her authorized dependents to reside and work legally in host country. The host school will bear all costs associated with said permits/documents

  • Accept returning TRP participants unless in violation of the terms of the TRP contract, code of conduct or engaged in behaviors and/or activities that are cause for dismissal under the sending or receiving school’s policies, procedures and/or host country laws

  • Commit to placements made to candidates and will not rescind offers made unless the candidate has violated terms and conditions and/or failed to produce placement/hiring documents and information

  • Release candidates without penalty or prejudice if the school violates any of the terms of employment

General Timeline:

Sept 8: Final date for joining TRP Group of Schools. Schools develop their own process for advertising and approving applicants as long as they meet agreed upon minimum requirements.

Sept 15: Suggested school deadline to receive internal applications.

Sept 22: Suggested deadline for schools to vet all internal applications.

Sept 29: Suggested first deadline for applicants to apply for positions in other TRP schools.

Oct 2: Date at which candidates and schools can begin connecting on possibilities. Interview conducted, references calls commence.

November 1: Date by which individual schools indicates contract signing deadline.

November 30: Final decisions and TRP offers made.

Teacher commitments:

TRP participants agree to:

  • Accept the TRP assignment in good faith and commit to performing at the same level as current school

  • Adhere to all contractual clauses as written by receiving and sending schools

  • Honor receiving school’s internal policies, procedures and local host country laws

  • Embrace the cultural experience and wholeheartedly serve as a contributing member of the receiving school’s community

  • Share ideas, learning with colleagues upon return from the TRP

  • Honor signed non-compete clause for a two year minimum period upon return from the TRP

  • Actively work to share new ideas, learning at receiving school and to serve as a collaborative member of the faculty

  • Cooperate with all sending and receiving school hiring and departure procedures in order to successfully facilitate this one year assignment

  • Provide all necessary documents as requested by sending/receiving school to facilitate the placement and required leave (from sending school)

  • Accept a rescinded application or placement in the event that the sending or receiving school is unable to process the appropriate permit due to programmatic, budgetary, legal and/or recruitment reason or any other unforeseen extenuating circumstance

  • Accept assignments made by their sending school upon return, as long as it is within areas of ability and is a the same level as position vacated during the teacher’s one year participation in the TRP

  • Accept sending school’s leave of absence policies and procedures

  • Agree to penalties imposed by the sending or receiving school, as communicated and signed by all parties in writing in advance of commencement of the assignment

  • Forfeit the retirement plan and any other benefits normally offered by the sending school during the year of assignment