Professional culture at American Community School, Amman Jordan

ACS is guided by our Mission, which commits us to instilling within every student a continuing commitment to demonstrate respect, act with integrity, and seek intellectual growth. We have identified strategic priorities in which we want to distinguish our work as a school: 
1. Teaching and Learning 
We will provide students with a rigorous standards-­-based program of study and effective classroom instruction grounded in real-­-life experiences that are relevant and developmentally appropriate. 
We are a learning-­-focused school. To prepare students to be effective and contributing citizens, they must have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to face the changing dynamics of the world. 
2. Learning Environment 
We will provide a safe, respectful, and effective learning community. We will make creative use of environmentally sustainable spaces that celebrate student learning and inspire collaboration, innovation, creativity, and communication through multiple means. A positive and productive school climate is conducive to student achievement. Purposefully and thoughtfully designed learning environments, both physical and virtual, have an impact on student learning. 
3. Community Engagement 
We will strengthen our relationships with each other and seek opportunities to contribute to our local and global community. 
Respect is the cornerstone of the ACS Mission. Regardless of nationality, religion, or language, our school is welcoming, compassionate and respectful community. 
4. Healthy Balance 
We will be thoughtful and international in our decisions and actions to promote balanced and healthy lifestyle for our community.  A healthy lifestyle is crucial to high performance. Healthier people are happier and more productive. 

We believe our greatest resource and asset are those we put in front of students. The professional learning of our community is the foundation to a productive, dynamic, and happy school culture. 
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Educators looking for positions 

MS/HS Learning Support

Confirmed and possible vacancies 2019/20

MS/HS Learning Support
HS Social Studies (be awesome if the person could do Economics)
ES Classroom teacher (would need to come with background in the workshop model..for literacy, math, science..and experience with Responsive Classrooms a plus)
ES or MS PE/Health