Professional culture at American School of Dubai

ASD is located in a residential area within Dubai, the global business and cultural hub of the United Arab Emirates. The ASD campus is a 23 acre, million square foot, wireless, state-of-the-art facility and includes spaces designed to promote phenomenal learning experience for approximately 1900 students, representing over 70 nationalities. Learning is at the heart of the ASD experience. To support the rich and dynamic relationship between teacher and student, ASD provides guidance and support to faculty by fostering an environment of collaborative professional practice. Faculty work in teams and departments in support of continuous student learning. ASD fosters dialogue around research supporting the best practices in curriculum alignment, assessment and instruction. ASD is committed to student-centered approaches to learning and assessments in accordance with the ASD Learning Principles, valuing inquiry, creativity, collaboration, and collegiality. 

ASD is a school that is firmly grounded in its mission and core values, proudly located in Dubai, U.A.E - an incredibly diverse and modern city. Please visit our website to learn more about our school.

At ASD, students remain a primary focus as evidenced by our bold and courageous strategic plan - mobilizing us to make disruptive change in areas such as community service (e.g. volunteerism), meeting the diverse learning needs of students (e.g. inclusion), and deepening our relationship with metrics (e.g. using data to inform instruction). As we consider the work ahead, we are also exploring opportunities to personalize learning by developing “pathways” through the ASD curriculum, where students can go deeper in areas of interest or future-relevant disciplines. This year, our teachers will have opportunities to both learn more about this work through speakers and presentations, and also participate in the creation of ASD’s preferred future. It is truly exciting work and an exciting time at ASD.

ASD Educators looking for positions:
  • High School Visual Arts
  • High School Technology (computer principles/programming)

Confirmed and possible vacancies 2019/20

Confirmed Vacancies:
  • Elementary School Learning Support
  • Lower Elementary School Teacher
  • Middle School ELA/Social Studies
  • Middle School Science/Technology
  • Secondary Technology
  • High School Math Teacher
  • High School Spanish Teacher
  • High School English Teacher
  • High School Math
  • Instructional Coach
Possible Vacancies:
  • Elementary School PE/Health
  • Middle School Band/Choir
  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School Visual Arts
  • High School Learning Support
  • High School PE/Health
    High School Social Studies