Teacher Commitments

TRP participants agree to:

    • Accept the TRP assignment in good faith and commit to performing at the same level as current school
    • Adhere to all contractual clauses as written by receiving and sending schools
    • Honor receiving school’s internal policies, procedures and local host country laws
    • Embrace the cultural experience and wholeheartedly serve as a contributing member of the receiving school’s community
    • Share ideas, learning with colleagues upon return from the TRP
    • Honor signed non-compete clause for a two-year minimum period upon return from the TRP
    • Actively work to share new ideas, learning at receiving school and to serve as a collaborative member of the faculty
    • Cooperate with all sending and receiving school hiring and departure procedures in order to successfully facilitate this one-year assignment
    • Provide all necessary documents as requested by sending/receiving school to facilitate the placement and required leave (from sending school)
    • Accept a rescinded application or placement in the event that the sending or receiving school is unable to process the appropriate permit due to programmatic, budgetary, legal and/or recruitment reason or any other unforeseen extenuating circumstance
    • Accept assignments made by their sending school upon return, as long as it is within areas of ability and is at the same level as position vacated during the teacher’s one-year participation in the TRP
    • Accept sending school’s leave of absence policies and procedures
    • Agree to penalties imposed by the sending or receiving school, as communicated and signed by all parties in writing in advance of commencement of the assignment
    • Forfeit the retirement plan and any other benefits normally offered by the sending school during the year of assignment