Professional culture at American International School Chennai, India

Since the school’s beginning in 1995, we have been a close-knit community of learners committed to internationalism, academic excellence, a passion for learning, and serving others.

Our Mission reads:

Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.

The 21st century is calling for compassionate, humane contributors, critical thinkers, creative innovators, and versatile and skilled communicators. The AISC faculty and staff strive to prepare our students for the many exciting challenges that are our collective future.

In order to achieve our mission and philosophy, we seek to recruit highly qualified teachers and administrators who can support the mission of AISC – to provide an outstanding international education which inspires students to reach their full potential and be successful and responsible global citizens.

AISC seeks to hire a diverse range of licensed teachers (preferably holding a Master's Degree) with at least three years of successful teaching experience in the field of application and is particularly interested in teachers who are:

• Enthusiastic, energetic, and engaged role models who lead, inspire, and promote student learning through the example they set;

• Knowledgeable about child development, subject area content, and contemporary trends;

• Generous in sharing, collaborating, and communicating skills, knowledge and capacities;

• Knowledgeable about best practices in assessing student learning;

• Experienced in providing personalized learning experiences;

• Experienced and collaborative curriculum designers, versed in unit development and backward design;

• Committed to developing students’ literacy skills, and integrating digital-age teaching and learning strategies across all subject areas;

• Committed to sponsoring extracurricular and after school activities.

Application procedure for Teacher Renewal Program

Interested candidates should email Executive Assistant at AND a single PDF file inclusive of a cover letter, resume, and a list of the contact details of current professional referees. Please make clear in your initial email that you are applying via the Teacher Renewal Program.

Salary and Benefits: Renewal teacher

Salary 2019/20: $60000 (Total salary for MA Step 10)

Global Health Insurance coverage

Life and disability insurance

Furnished Housing

Residence annual allowance - Gas, water, electricity

Airfare - economy to and from sending school, nearest airport

(Total of shipment and relocation to and from Chennai: Maximum $2500 per teacher, $700 spouse and per dependent child)