Professional culture at American School of Bombay

The American School of Bombay is a center of learning for students, educators and thought leaders from around the world

ASB has created an educational environment where all members are constantly in pursuit of personal and professional growth and development. We are building global communities of learners and researchers and share data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world.

Each day teachers across the school collaborate to develop and design curriculum based on student data. Instructional coaches support teachers in finding instructional approaches that will best meet the needs of learners. In addition to everyday expectation of collaboration and learning from colleagues, we have established structures and partnerships to support individuals’ continued learning and growth.

The most important professional development comes from our "experts" in the building. Our teachers delve deeply into best practice and a variety of different new pedagogies including project based learning, visible thinking, gamification of curriculum and the use of twitter and Facebook as instructional tools. Teachers have opportunities to pursue their interests and participate in professional learning communities. We partner with higher education institutions to provide ongoing professional learning opportunities focused on assisting all teachers to intentionally teach 21st Century Skills, use student data to individualize learning, integrate technology meaningfully, support the needs of English Language Learners and facilitate project based learning, to name a few.

Educators at ASB value the rich professional learning opportunities and experiences and generously share their knowledge with fellow educators in Mumbai and India.

Application procedure for Teacher Renewal Program at American School of Bombay

Interested candidates should email Human Resources at AND a single PDF file inclusive of a cover letter, resume, and a list of the contact details of current professional referees. Please make clear in your initial email that you are applying via the Teacher Renewal Program.

Salary and Benefits: Renewal teacher

Salary 2019/20: $60000 (take home $57408 - Indian Provident Fund obligatory contribution)

Global Health Insurance coverage

Life and disability insurance

Furnished Housing

Residence annual allowance - Gas, water, electricity

Airfare - economy to and from sending school, nearest airport

(Total of shipment and relocation to and from Mumbai: Maximum $2000 per teacher, $750 per dependent child, paid in rupee equivalent.)