• Teachers (singles, couples or families) with three-plus years experience at a school are eligible to ask their current school to consider a RENEWAL year.
  • If approved, a one-year leave of absence is granted from SENDING school.
  • Mandatory return to SENDING school to complete at least a further two-year contract.
  • Teacher will receive salary and benefits (including health, housing, etc) of the RECEIVING school, in addition to basic relocation costs, work permits, etc


  1. To provide the opportunity for teacher renewal - both professional and personal - via a one-year exchange to a partner school in the Teacher Renewal Program Group of Schools.
  2. To retain high-quality teachers upon their return to the sending school, and
  3. To promote a highly engaging opportunity for professional growth by experiencing a different school environment and host-country culture.

Next steps...


  1. Add your school's name to the list below by emailing

2. Promote possibilities at your school via the NOTICEBOARD

Tip: YOUR teachers can only benefit from a renewal year with your support.


  1. Seek approval from your supervisor! Is your school involved in the program?
  2. Checkout the NOTICEBOARD
  3. Engage with Schools via their contact below. Be sure to mention the Teacher Renewal Program in the subject of your email, and include your resumé and list of referees.

Tip: For YOUR renewal year to get off the ground, you need to act as a connector between your supervisor and those who might hire you at the other end. Active engagement is key!

Participating Schools and contacts: 2020/2021