Professional culture at Singapore American School

Singapore American School attracts dedicated faculty who bring diverse talents and enthusiasm for teaching into every classroom. They are skilled at making students feel safe, accepted, and capable in an environment of high expectations. In hiring, we consider not only highly qualified teachers, but also individuals that understand and embrace our vision and institutional commitments. On average, teachers stay at SAS for seven years, giving students a stable teaching environment with a low turnover rate.

Our school has a long history of challenging itself to strengthen the delivery of its curriculum by adopting best practices. All faculty participate in Dufour-model professional learning communities to share best practices to improve student learning. These collaborative teams of teachers work together to establish common expectations, create an optimal learning environment, share effective instructional approaches, analyze data, and develop common curriculum and assessment tools, to ensure that every child will reach mastery of our essential learning outcomes. Our faculty also actively participate in activities outside of the classrooms with hundreds of clubs and sports to choose from.

Over the past several years, SAS has invested significant time and resources into providing our teachers competitive compensation, important feedback on their instructional practices, meaningful professional development, and opportunities for building leadership skills. We participate in international conferences and are often seen as a model for other schools. At SAS we utilize Gallup StrengthsFinder, we have instructional coaches on staff to support teachers, and attract authoritative thought leaders who regularly visit our campus and inform our practice.

Application procedure for Teacher Renewal Program

Salary and Benefits: Renewal teacher