School Agreements

Participating School Agreements

To ensure the successful implementation of the TRP, participating schools will sign an annual written agreement indicating that the participating schools agree to:

    • Ensure that all candidates approved for inclusion in the TRP pool have been vetted and approved through an internal vetting and approval process, following a general application process
    • Reserve the right to reject an internal candidate’s application or rescind a previously approved application for inclusion in the TRP for programmatic, budgetary, legal and/or recruitment reason or any other unforeseen extenuating circumstance
    • Approve teacher’s participation in the TRP on condition that they possess usual and customary minimum qualifications for employment including:
      • BA degree (or equivalent)
      • Certification or equivalent qualification
      • Not less than three years of full-time teaching experience at current school
      • Highly sought for retention at current school
    • Maintain at least one active faculty member participant every two years in the TRP pool in order to be eligible to seek candidates for placement in any given year
    • Approve current faculty members for the TRP only once during a seven-year period of tenure at school
    • Acknowledge and accept each participating school’s right to set an internal cap on the total number of annual participants in the TRP
    • Adhere to all deadlines as approved by the pool of participating schools on an annual basis
    • Participate in a group Grievance Committee that serves to make determinations regarding grievances filed by participating candidates or schools and agree to accept the committee’s recommendations as final
    • Give all teachers within the approved TRP pool of candidates equal consideration for placement (singles, couples or families)
    • A contractual term with a TRP candidate not to exceed one academic year
    • Ensure that the formal offer to a TRP candidates is made only after children, where applicable, have been vetted through established admissions process
    • Sign a three-party contract with the sending school and the candidate to ensure clarity around terms and conditions of the placement
    • Provide TRP participants with salary and benefits (as per the receiving school’s established overseas hire packages), in addition to modest relocation costs not to exceed $2000 for the teacher and $750 per dependent child
    • Sign a non-compete contract with all other participating schools, agreeing to refrain from seeking to hire TRP participants for a period not less than two years after the completion of term of the TRP contract
    • Provide participants with work permits and/or necessary documents to allow the candidate and his/her authorized dependents to reside and work legally in host country. The host school will bear all costs associated with said permits/documents
    • Accept returning TRP participants unless in violation of the terms of the TRP contract, code of conduct or engaged in behaviors and/or activities that are cause for dismissal under the sending or receiving school’s policies, procedures and/or host country laws
    • Commit to placements made to candidates and will not rescind offers made unless the candidate has violated terms and conditions and/or failed to produce placement/hiring documents and information
    • Release candidates without penalty or prejudice if the school violates any of the terms of employment

Three party Agreement for schools and participating teachers is available